Benefits of Horseback Riding Lessons for Children

Horses are wonderful for children’s development, both physically and emotionally, and there are many reasons why a child should horseback ride. Horses build character for children in many different ways, and, speaking as a parent, parents should be excited at any requests that gets their child away from the TV, cell phone, video games, computer, etc. Responsibility While caring for a horse, your child will quickly learn that they need to take responsibility for them. The best way to really bring about responsibility is to make sure they take care […]

What to Look for in an Equine Trainer?

Choosing a horse trainer is an important, and deeply personal decision. The first thing is to decide what it is that you want to work on in your horse education. Do you want to learn to train your own horse, or start from the ground up? Are you interested in learning on your own, or do you prefer to work with an instructor? Decide what your ultimate goal is as a rider and whether you’re a beginner or advanced. Understanding what you want will help you choose a trainer. Training […]